5K for 50 Years LogoIf you love getting active, connecting with your community, and giving back to our military veterans, join us for our upcoming 5K series of 5K races to honor 50 years of Nation’s Finest!

For our 50th Anniversary, we knew there was no better way to celebrate than to rally our community together in support of those who have served our country. We chose a 5K race to represent a veteran’s journey home, or their transition from military to civilian life. The journey home is about finding peace, purpose, health, identity, and community, which can be challenging for veterans for many reasons.

About the 5K Races

Our 5K Anniversary races will be held at seven race locations throughout California, Arizona, and Nevada, with multiple Nation’s Finest service sites participating.

Each race will have its own date, theme, entertainment, food, activities, partnerships, and more. They are family-friendly and inclusive of all ages and fitness levels, so you can walk/run at your own pace while enjoying other themed activities.

All proceeds will benefit the programs and services we provide at Nation’s Finest, designed to help veterans find stable housing, get back on their feet, and improve their lives in a measurable way.

Find a Race Near You:

Visit NationsFinest.org/5k-for-50-years to find a 5K race near you and get event information. All races will take place in October and November 2022. For questions about the races, sponsorship and partner opportunities, and other ways to get involved, contact our 5K lead at 916-307-8965 or ldeaton@nationsfinest.org.

Help Us Help Them — Donate Today

Can’t attend the 5K race that is closest to you? Please consider celebrating our 50th Anniversary with a donation to support Nation’s Finest! Donations of all sizes help us provide food, shelter, household goods, transportation, health care, and more to veterans and their families. Click here to help us help them.