Chris Johnson - Hire A Veteran
Chris Johnson

President & CEO of Nation's Finest

by Chris Johnson | Nation’s Finest President and CEO

With 250,000 Veterans unemployed in the U.S. alone, National Hire a Veteran Day is as important today as it’s ever been.

Despite the incredible skills and experiences that our country’s heroes have in spades, Veterans frequently face employment challenges after returning home. During my time as the CEO of Nation’s Finest, I have met and worked with far too many Veterans struggling to find the employment opportunities that they deserve. Why is this such a prevalent issue?

One reason may stem from the common misconception that Vets only have combat-related skill sets. In reality, the branches of our military offer a variety of roles, including a range of technical, admin, and leadership positions. Many of our country’s heroes receive training that equips them with problem-solving abilities equivalent to a bachelor’s degree. Many more learn the hands-on skills that most undergraduate programs simply do not offer.

Another essential skill that Veterans bring to the table is a profound understanding of teamwork. Our country’s heroes experience firsthand how collective efforts lead to success, and this knowledge makes them essential team players. Their ability to work in sync with colleagues from a range of backgrounds can create a positive work culture and elevate an organization’s productivity.

As a leader who has hired many Veterans that have gone on to become valuable members of my teams, it’s disheartening to see that they are often cast aside by other employers. At Nation’s Finest, we have Veteran staff at all of our more than thirty locations. They are immensely valuable case managers, counselors, service coordinators, administrators, leadership team members and more. By welcoming Vets into your organization today, you can honor their sacrifice, embrace their unique talents, and build a strong work environment for a better tomorrow.