Change the lives of veterans and their families today!

Compassionate Care for Our Veterans

After sacrificing so much in defending our freedom, our veterans and their loved ones deserve compassionate and exceptional care. Whether it’s providing a hot meal, a warm bed, dry clothes, access to physical and mental healthcare, a job, or someone to talk to who has faced and overcome the same struggles, our mission at Nation’s Finest is to help change the lives of our heroes for the better.

For 50 years, the care we provide has been made possible by the generosity of donors just like you. Help us give the gift of hope to veterans and their families for the next 50 years.

What does change look like? Here are three stories of the power of hope and the change it can bring to the lives of veterans and their families.

David, U.S. Army Veteran

David is courageous, one of our Nation’s Finest. He has faced many challenges in life, including trying to make ends meet on a low income, losing his wife, and being evicted from his home. He was ready to give up, but then Nation’s Finest found him.

Our short-term financial support and case management gave David the support he needed at a critical time in his life. Today, David has a full-time job and lives in a one-bedroom apartment, enjoying the stability and security of his new life.

Marisa, U.S. Navy Veteran

Marisa is strong, one of our Nation’s Finest. Struggling with chronic homelessness, disabilities brought on by trauma during her active duty overseas tours, and the psychological effects of domestic violence, she had lost hope. Then, Nation’s Finest found her.

We helped Marisa find an apartment and enroll in other veteran benefit programs that were available to her. “Nation’s Finest built me up when I was at my lowest and gave me the confidence to reach self-reliance once again,” she says.

Henry, U.S. Army Veteran

Henry is dedicated, one of our Nation’s Finest. An honest and hardworking veteran, he struggled with recurring homelessness. He desperately wanted to improve his circumstances and build a better life for his wife and daughter, but didn’t know where to start. Then, Nation’s Finest found him.

We provided Henry and his family with temporary housing and job skills training. With our support and Henry’s own perseverance, he was able to find stable housing for his family and secure a full-time job with the U.S. Postal Service.

Give the Gift of Hope

Give the gift of hope to veterans and their loved ones. Make your gift today!

If you have questions or you’re more comfortable making a payment over the phone, please call (1-833-468-9676). If you’d prefer to mail a check, please send it to our headquarters address at 2455 Bennett Valley Rd. C105, Santa Rosa, CA 95404.

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