5K for 50 Years

In fall 2022, we celebrated our 50th Anniversary with a series of 5K races held across multiple Nation’s Finest locations. The 5Ks allowed us to engage our communities and raise funds that will help us continue to support veterans in need, such as those experiencing homelessness or the threat of homelessness.

Event Photos

Racers get sprayed with color at the Anniversary 5K in Redding, CA
People in Halloween costumes, most notably human body costumes, at the 2022 zombie run-themed Nation's Finest Anniversary 5k in Eureka, CA
Passing racers at Zombie Run 5k in Eureka
Crowd of racers prepare for the Nation's Finest 50th Anniversary 5K in Sacramento
Nation's Finest information table at 5K in Sacramento/ Folsom
Racers, mostly in matching pink t-shirts, pose for a photo at the photo booth during our 50th Anniversary 5K in Folsom/Sacramento
Folsom Breakout Blues 5K finish line
Man gets sprayed with color at the Nation's Finest 5K Color Run in Redding, CA

Event Information:

Our 5K for 50 years was held at multiple locations with various Nation’s Finest service sites participating. The 5Ks were all family-friendly events for all fitness levels and ages, with options to run/walk at your own pace. Each race had a specific date and location along with its own theme, entertainment, food, event partnerships, and more. Throughout the months of October and November, we had a wonderful time celebrating our 50th Anniversary while connecting with others in our service areas!

Contact Us:

For questions or concerns relating to our 50th Anniversary 5Ks or other Nation’s Finest fundraising events, please contact our Development Office:


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